Arabian Equipment Rentals


Arabian Equipment Rentals is the right choice when it comes to your dewatering and pumping requirements. Boasting an exceptional range of pumps and pumping systems, backed by experienced personnel offering the best support in the industry, our team will ensure you get the right equipment, the right advice and the job done on time.

Our pumps range in size from 3in (80mm) to 26 inch (660mm) diameter, with flow rates up to 1500 litres per second and maximum heads up to 185m. We carry one of the largest pump and dewatering fleets in the Middle East – all on a ready to use basis. Our fleet is technologically advanced and scrupulously maintained to ensure maximum reliability and performance.

Arabian Equipment Rentals can be contacted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ideal for when emergencies arise or you suddenly require emergency dewatering and pumping capability out of hours.

When it comes to planning, we offer an expert advisory service, backed by industry-based experience and knowledge.


A pump flowchart has been devised to allow you to choose the right pump for your pump. They are not hard to understand properly when the information is broken down into components. The main information to be concerned with are the curves for flow rate at a particular head.

These two factors define the work the pump has to do.

Further the chart may show efficiently curves marked with indicate how efficiently the input power is transferred into energy to pump the water. The goal is to select a pump for your job that will operate near its peak efficiency.

Click here to view a pumping chart for the models that we have on offer, or better still ask us about our Dewatering Services we we do all the calculations and setup for you.